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When I look cute,
I think of you

Love clothes?  Hate shopping?

If your look could use a refresh

but hitting the racks makes you want to poke your eye out,

let When I Look Cute do the legwork for you.

(I look cute a lot)


A Bit About Me

Eclectic from the beginning

My mother was a seamstress when I was small, and she could create any look I wanted. So, for as long as I can remember, I've made fashion statements. Case in point: She once made me a faux leopard fur coat, which I wore to my kindergarten graduation. Doesn't sound too interesting until I tell you that I pushed that coat off my shoulders and high stepped it down the aisle, much to the chagrin of my family. I was pretending to be Ginger Grant from Gilligan's Island.

I made it through the 80s stealing forks from the cafeteria to make bracelets for my friends, sporting three Swatches on the same wrist, and wearing mismatched neon socks. These days I walk the crooked line between "you do you" and "dress for the job you want" when it comes to styling for the office.

Always a little out there when it comes to style, there's nothing I like better than when an outfit comes together, from earrings to shoes and everything in between. I actually hear a physical click in my head when that last piece falls into place. I can make it click for you too.



“Well, my mom says
I have talent...”

--When I Look Cute, site owner

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